Grey Heaven Fall / Twilight is Mine -
"The Original Seed of Decadence" / "Age of Aquarius" (Split-CD)
    Grey Heaven Fall:
1. Abomination of Divine
2. Denial from the Son of Mourning
    Twilight Is Mine:
3. Colours Streaming Down from Your Life
4. Age of Aquarius
5. Higher to Depth
"Denial from the Son of Mourning" song

"Colours Streaming Down from Your Life" song

Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom
1. The Lord is Blissful in Grief
2. Spirit of Oppression
3. To the Doomed Sons of Earth
4. Sanctuary of Cut Tongues
5. Tranquillity of the Possessed
6. That Nail in a Heart

"The Lord is Blissful in Grief" song

"Spirit of Oppression" song